Senator Tom Davis Statement re: Senator Jim DeMint’s Resignation

By • on December 6, 2012

There is battle going on right now for the soul of the Republican Party, and the stakes are extremely high. Will the GOP truly be the party of cutting the size and scope of government and expanding individual liberty and economic freedom, or will it be the party of compromise and accommodation, one that is willing to increase taxes “for the good of the country”?

There has never been any question as to what side of that ideological divide Sen. Jim DeMint stands; he has long been a warrior in the United States Senate for restricting government and empowering people. And thanks to Sen. DeMint’s willingness to challenge the status quo Republican leadership, we now have true conservative champions like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz serving alongside him in DC.

Today’s news that Sen. DeMint is leaving the United States Senate, in the middle of the debate on how Congress should respond to the so-called “fiscal cliff,” is akin to an army losing a general in the midst of battle, and it is my hope that Gov. Nikki Haley swiftly appoints someone to serve in his stead who is just as committed to the liberty movement, and who is just as willing to stand for what is right as opposed to what is politically expedient.

6 Responses to “Senator Tom Davis Statement re: Senator Jim DeMint’s Resignation”

  1. Shap Bashar says:

    you’d be the perfect guy for the job

  2. Talbert says:

    Haley doesn’t have the guts to apppoint a warrier for liberty. I expect she’ll appoint an establishment hack who she can pass off as a warrior for liberty. Will she appoint the guy who endorsed establishment hero Bobby Harrell?

  3. Raymond Evans says:

    There were times I said that the federal government was sunk, and you would do more good in the state… Well, forget all that.
    As cynical as I am that Haley will appoint another quid pro quo politician, I hope she will take her chance to redeem SC’s reputation and appoint you.

  4. Neil Lipsitz says:

    Good Luck Tom!

  5. Terrence Gallagher says:

    DeMint’s resignation saddens me. About the only thing that could cheer me back up is if Haley does the right thing and appoints you, Tom Davis, as his replacement. Good luck.

  6. Mike Vasovski says:

    The fuse that was to be lit in early 2013, just got sparked. Tomorrow, a hand written letter, goes off to Gov Haley in support of you.
    Peace and Liberty,

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